Monday, September 1, 2014


My Jensen obsession   179/∞ Those gorgeous lips, and the way he bites/licks those luscious full lips…(oh, and his jaw)

6.02 | Two and a Half Men

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9x17 Mother's Little Helper

God bless Misha’s directing

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the evolution of dean/cas through looks

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I’m part praying mantis and part useless left hand. [x]

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color palette meme: Dean/Cas + 12 for pooperscooper89

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17. How My Last Kiss Went Down

I literally don’t remember. No one has kissed me in a very long time.

34. My Biggest Pet Peeve

everything and nothing

sometimes nothing bothers me and sometimes everything does like literally I never know when something is or isn’t going to annoy me :T

Unless you’re just being an asshole and think you’re the most hilarious shit. I hate that crap.

38. My Idea Of A  Perfect Date


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38. My Idea Of A Perfect Date

Pretty much anything as long as we’re enjoying ourselves. I am hella easy to please and my expectations are pretty damn low. Like, I’m good with dinner and a movie even if that’s just something done at home. Literally my perfect date is just having a good time together. 

56. What I Hated Most About School

I don’t learn well through classroom settings. I struggled in school with paying attention in classes and staying awake and my grades hella suffered. But when I was in college and my classes were literally just - they sent me shit in the mail and I read it on my own time, answered the questions on my own time, and emailed them to my professor. Fucking aced that shit and graduated with honours and an incredible GPA. So, yeah.