Monday, September 15, 2014

destiel in the rain in #5 for aurumsolis - thank you, I hope you like it!! 


destiel in the rain in #5 for aurumsolis - thank you, I hope you like it!! 


Dean Winchester. Character development.

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gif meme » hair

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Misha Collins at Comic Con 2014

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I don’t think I ever uploaded the completed Castiel portrait, so here he is…along with a slightly better scan of Crowley, and an update on the Metallicar! 

I really should draw Sam and Dean soon, but I had so much fun drawing Castiel and Crowley that I kinda want to do more of them… 

Dean + Batman

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Anonymous said: It's time for my favorite monday activity! Refreshing the page to watch the PROGRESSSSSS BAR! *guitar riff*

It’s going to be crawling because i have like no motivation/focus right now and i’m just dead staring at the computer half the time >3>


I think the one thing you have to understand about Misha, is that he once asked the internet not to pirate something, and they didn’t.

He then released the same thing a few months later for free on youtube, for those people who weren’t able to afford it.

And he did it for charity.

I decided I won’t read it until the next chapter is published. And I probably won’t be able to do that.

well that’s the beginning of the chapter

i never said the end was painful too ouo


commissioned comic based off of the Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective mockumentary!!

they gave me a couple ideas they’d be interested to see me take on, but in the end jared’s intimidation factor won. DEM ARMS

Anonymous said: I don't think I'm emotionally prepared for To Raise a King tomorrow :'( fingers crossed it's not too heartbreaking

the chapter is just over 2,500 words so far (4 pages) and i’ve cried twice so far so…. that pre’much tells you what you should probably be prepared for yeah